Tuesday, 11 January 2011

On Thursday we head to Bristol for our 3-Day NAN Bursary trip to the South West. We have scheduled a busy few days of talking and listening to artist groups and spaces about the reasons behind setting up an artist run project space and to make connections for possible future projects.

Our first stop is Bristol Diving School. We will then be heading onto Spike Island to meet Lucy and Megan who will be showing us around before our talk to the Spike Associates in the evening at 6pm.

On Friday, before we head off to Cardiff we shall be shown around the new BV studios by Penny.

Upon arriving in Cardiff our first port of call is
G39 and then on the final day a visit to Mermaid and Monster and Tactile Bosch.

We shall be tweeting live throughout the trip. Please keep in touch by following our twitter feed here

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